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In Sounds Like Julie, the filmmaker trained acquaintances to imitate her; relating personal narrative that is recounted through past, present and future tenses; and is foretold through a description of the forthcoming opera. Written and Directed by Julie Lequin. 10:36 minutes

Sounds Like Julie is part of J&L Video #1, an anthology DVD featuring original shorts by contemporary artists and filmmakers. In the spirit of the book series J&L Illustrated, J&L Video compiles films and animations from around the world with a sensibility of the real and the absurd. 

Artists include Harrell Fletcher, Ted Gesing, Amy Von Harrington, Andrew Lampert, Oliver Laric, Julie Lequin, Matt McCormick, Tim McConville, Shana Moulton, Serge Onnen, Ed Panar, Mary Robertson, Will Rogan, Catherine Ross and Joon Sung.