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Leather Keyring with Rat $22

Black leather keyring with inset enamel. Features a rat eating a wedge of cheese while talking on the cell phone. My office is on Renwick Street, a tiny street on the far west side of lower Manhattan. Aside from my streets small size, its most distinctive feature may be its thriving population of rats.

David Sedaris once wrote about his apartment, “Beside our apartment building in New York City, there was a narrow gangway, and every evening, just after dark, rats would emerge from it and flock to the trash cans lining the curb. The first time I saw them, I startled and screamed, but after that I made it a point to walk to the other side of the street, pausing and squinting to take them all in. It was like moving to Alaska and seeing a congregation of bears—I knew to expect them, but still I could never quite believe my eyes.”

Made in the USA, 1.75" x 2.5", illustration by Paulina Reyes

Leather Keyring with Rat

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