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Shark Pin & Fiction $20

I created a hard enamel pin featuring a shark and asked the writer Ben Greenman to create an original piece of fiction using the pin's design as inspiration. Ben's amazing short story has been letter-pressed onto heavy card stock and the enamel pin is attached to the card at the story's conclusion.

Ben Greenman is an editor at the New Yorker and the author of several books of fiction, including Superbad, Please Step Back, What He's Poised To Do, and Celebrity Chekhov. He lives in Brooklyn and says with some frequency that if he could control the circumstances of his own demise, he would die by shark attack.

Letter pressed text on white 179 lb stock. Card measures 4.5" x 6".

Enamel pin has blue ground with white shark and brass outlines, measures 3/4" in diameter, 10mm post allows you to pin the shark onto your lapel or canvas bag, butterfly clutch on backside of pin holds it securely in place.

Shark Pin & Fiction

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